27 Lifesaving Uses Of Your Bandana [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 27 Most Incredible Use for your Bandana

Your bandana: the stylish piece of cloth that will keep you going when the going get tough.

Great Medical Uses for Bandana

  • Bandage
  • Tourniquet
  • Knee pad
  • Burn Wounds
  • Eye Patch

Use your Bandana as Protection

  • Sun protection
  • Dust protection
  • Cold protection
  • Wind protection

Use your Bandana for these Ultimate Survival Skills

  • Rescue signal
  • Trail markers
  • Fire starter
  • Firearm cleaning
  • Sling
  • Flail

Food and Water Use for Your Bandana

  • Pot holder
  • Table cloth
  • Water filter
  • Water collector
  • Dish rag

And Some Other Great Use for you Bandana

  • Pillon
  • Baby wrap
  • Toilet paper
  • Cordage
  • Handkerchief
  • Hobo pack
  • Food Pouch
  • It can even replace your sock. Bandana can be┬ámade water repellent┬áby soaking them with bee wax. Ok, they’ll never be worth your best waterproof socks!

How to Choose your Bandana


  • Cotton is the best material for its sturdiness and temperature regulation
  • Invest money in a quality bandana that won’t break easily
  • Choose a comfortable bandana what won’t irritate your skin.

Size and Weight

  • If you’re outdoors a lot, a larger bandana will be much versatile.
  • In an urban environment, a smaller size will be less obtrusive
  • Go for a heavy bandana on a cold environment.
  • In heat, opt for a lightweight bandana instead.


  • Use red, white and blue to be all American
  • Light colors work better in hot climates, dark colors suit cold weather.
  • In cities, blue and red bandanas indicate alliance with Crips and Bloods gang.

How to Fold Your Bandana

Cover Face and Neck Fold

  • Lay bandana out in a diamond
  • Fold once into a triangle
  • Place bandana around the neck
  • Tie ends into a knot behind head

Around Your Wrist Fold

  • Fold bandana into a rectangle
  • Fold rectangle into a square
  • Then fold into a triangle, fold tip
  • Fold lengthwise again
  • Warp around he wrist and then tie the ends together

As a HeadBand Fold

  • Fold bandana into a triangle
  • Fold lengthwise until about 1.5in wide
  • Wrap bandana around your head
  • Tie the ends together.

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