How to Use a Tactical Pen For Self-Defense

How to use a Tactical Pen For Self-Defense

How to use a Tactical Pen For Self-Defense

Have you been a subject of molestation or harassment from a stronger and more powerful opposition? Have you ever been trapped, maybe inside a car during an accident and you have no object to break the glass? We have probably been in such a situation one time or the other in our lives; such moments can be grueling and leave us helpless and defenseless.

However, having an object to protect or deliver oneself can be a lifesaver, and no weapon is more effective for self-defense than a tactical pen.

What is a tactical pen?

A tactical pen otherwise called survival pen is a multipurpose tool which you can use for writing and also as a weapon for self-defense. Also, they serve as a device you can use in breaking free instances of trapping inside an enclosed place such as a car. Tactical pens function as a weapon by causing minor injuries to your attacker thereby giving you a chance to escape unhurt.

What makes a tactical pen a weapon for self-defense?

Many features make a tactical pen an excellent weapon for self-defense. Firstly, sturdy materials make up most parts of a tactical pen giving it extra weight compared to an ordinary pen. Also, they possess an incredibly sharp point hidden in their tip to exert a strong strike on your opposition.

Using a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

Using a Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

To someone with no skill in using a tactical pen in self-protection, it’s nothing but a piece of writing material. However, if you know how to use a tactical pen for self-defense, it can be your most important companion, especially when visiting a notorious violent environment or while walking on a lonely path. These are the techniques you should follow while using the tactical pen for self-defense;

  • Put on an aggressive look

Did you know? Those with innocent looks are an easy target to these evil oppressors. When you sense impending danger, the worst thing you could do is to look gentle and frightened. Although it is not that easy to pull out, if you train your mind you can easily achieve that. Put on a more aggressive look; it will confuse your attacker and cause them temporary instability.

  • Scan your attacker for the weakest point

You want to make the maximum impact while switching on self-defense mode. It will be futile to stab your attacker by the back; it will have little to no effect on them. The soft spot in the body should be your target. Body parts such as the neck, ribs, eyes, nose and other facial area are the places to target.

  • Strike strongly and quickly

Your attacker deserves no mercy as they are probably no first-timers in committing such heinous act. A soft strike will only anger him the more. Make sure your hit is robust, substantial and be quick as much as possible. Target their vulnerable parts and strike upward and downward using the tip of your tactical pen.

  • Strike repeatedly

Don’t stop at a single strike, beat until your attacker loses the strength to pursue you even while trying to escape. Remember, the goal is for you to regain your freedom, not to commit murder. Then get ready to run, you can never tell they may have accomplices close by.