Urban Survival Skills 101 [THE GUIDE]

Nowadays, it is common to hear the city is under threat due to catastrophic events such as heavy rains, earthquakes, and storms.

Moreover, what upsets everyone is that every year thousands of people lose their lives in these horrific disasters.

For years, the natural disasters have been occurring, but due to lack of proper training and skill people keep on losing their lives. Therefore, to survive in appalling natural disasters, everyone should be battening down the hatches in their current dwelling.

We have amassed the list of best urban surviving skills that will help you endure in all sorts of natural disasters.

1. Purify Your Water

In extreme situation pollution in the drinking water increase. However, if you are left out in the wilderness area and can’t get access to the pure water then there is no option left rather than drinking the contaminated water. In this type of situation, you must know how to purify water because in a disaster situation it is extremely hard to get medical assistance. Therefore, you have to take care of yourself so that you don’t fall ill.

You can dig your own well or collect water on daily basis to avoid water shortage.

2. Know how to use first aid kit

We all have first aid kit box at our homes, but how many of us seriously know how to use first aid kit during any dangerous situation. Many of us do not know how to use first aid kit when stuck in an extreme situation. Therefore, it is recommended to learn all the desired skills of using the first aid kit while stuck in a dangerous situation.

3. Keep your urban survival kit ready

You can’t predict when a disaster can strike. Therefore, you should be all set in case if any disaster strikes in your city.

The urban survival kit will help you to survive in difficult situations. The bug out bag contains all important elements which are mandatory for anyone to survive during the extreme conditions. It includes equipment such as repurpose tools, knife, lighters, pepper sprays and firearms.

4. Urban survival gear

After the hurricane or earthquake you can’t expect to stay at your home.

There will be situations when you have to reluctantly leave your houses and put up in the forests and under the sky. Hence, you must have your urban survival gear kit ready for all sort of natural calamities.

The get home bag has all necessary items which are essential for survival when stuck in an extreme situation such as water treatment tablets and food. The bag contains urban axe, work gloves, multi-tool, dust mask, can opener, metal spark etc.

5. Learn to get out of Mob

Every year it comes in hearing that hundreds of people get killed in a stampede or a mob. A mob can break at anywhere be it in a function or social gathering. Therefore, unfortunately, if you are stuck in such situation, then you must have an idea of how to get out of the mob successfully.

While fastened around thousand of peoples make sure that you stay on your feet and gradually try to move toward the wall.

Once you get the support of the wall, stay there as long as the mob does not get clear. In case, if you fall in the stampede, cover your head and stay down.

6. Protect your family from burglars or housebreakers

In dangerous situations such as natural disaster, especially when there is a shortage of food or work, suddenly, the crime rate will increase. Therefore, be attentive and prepare yourself for all kind of situations.

There are several ways to ensure the safety of your family by deterring the housebreakers. You can secure your home. To prevent yourself falling a prey to house robbery or confrontation with crooks ensure the safety of your sanctuary.

In natural disasters or riots, the situation is attentive and looks out for all sorts of the situation which does not appear ordinary. If suddenly, unwanted movement around your home has increased and you are constantly finding the presence of unfamiliar people strolling around your home, then take it seriously and call the police.

Moreover, in case if a prowler breaks into your house, then have a safe room in a place where you can hide with your family members and have a gun ready with ammunition and barricade the door.

  • Earthquake: If an earthquake strikes in your city, then, the best way to safeguard yourself is too simply get out of your home as quickly as possible. Come out in the open area which is not surrounded by tall buildings. Cover your head under some support and don’t move out unless earthquake passes away.
  • Floods: During floods don’t rush out. Gather sufficient food and eatables at your home. Don’t leave your home until the situation becomes worst for you, turn out the radio and pay attention to all sorts of announcements which the government officials made. Wait for the government evacuation, and listen to the guidelines during the flood and follow them carefully.
  • Storms and Hurricanes situation: If you get stuck in storm or hurricane, then immediately find shelter wherever it is possible. Don’t wander openly because you may hurt yourself. If possible take shelter in a room with no windows. And come out only when storm or hurricane effect gets mitigated.
  • Fire: We all have been taught the “Stop, Drop, and Roll” in our schools to get away when fall in this critical situation. However, “Stop, Drop, and Roll” works only if you are caught on fire, but what if you are stuck in a building which is set on fire? In case, if you are fastened in a fire building, then don’t panic.

To protect yourself just hit to the floor and cover your face if possible then with a damp cloth. Look out for an exit door and rush toward it when getting a chance. However, if the door is closed and it swings outward, then kick it near the handle of the door because it is the most fragile point of the door and can be quickly opened.

Otherwise, if this door opens inward, then get a hand on a hammer and try to break it.

7. How to handle a stalker

In case if you are being followed by a stalker, then don’t panic.

To make sure that you are being pursued, repeat your movement walk into a street three four times.

When you get assured that someone is stalking you then, quickly get into an open shop or a place where lots of people are present. However, in case you are outskirts of the city, then quickly move into a building or safe house. Whenever you get a chance, call the police and if that is also not possible, then you should know basic self-defense techniques to confront the stalker.

8. Learn self-defense

It does not mean that you should be trained in fighting like a ninja, but at least you should know the basic self-defense to combat with a burglar or keep alive in an assault. Or you should know how to dodge a prowler or crook. Self-defense teaches you where to hit a person in case if you are facing an assault.

During the disaster, you must have a designated person whom you and your family can contact in case if you all are separated. The common contact person can make you learn whereabouts of your family & friends.

9. Find alternative routes

During a disaster or natural calamities, don’t follow the crowd because it can lead you into danger.

Always, think before taking any step.

Every city has a direct route; however, don’t go for it, instead, choose an alternative route because the usual route will be overwhelmed during the emergency. Knowing the alternative way will make you leave the city quickly. Hence, if you are not aware of the unhidden routes of your city, then it is the right time to improve your knowledge.

10. Get sound sleep

During critical situation make sure that you get adequate sleep because it will keep you fresh and active otherwise you will feel fatigue. Tiredness can affect your health badly and mitigate the power to think critically during this situation. Therefore, keep a sleep mask and earplugs and get at least six to eight hours of sleep.

11. Stay fit

You must know proper urban survival tactics or skills to defeat this dangerous situation. Don’t get dehydrated or upset stomach which can lead to serious consequences. Try to stay fit and avoid eating contaminated food and water.

12. Stash ample cash in your house

During the emergency situation or dangerous situation such as hurricanes, storms, earthquake or terrorist attack price inflation occur. Therefore, if you are stuck in any sort of disaster, you must have stashed enough cash around your house. As, during the emergency situation most ATMs do not work, therefore, having a suitable amount of cash in home will wipe away some of your tension.

13. Don’t panic

During these types of emergency situation, it is not uncommon to feel panicked. In case if your panic button triggered, then breathe sufficiently. Hold your breath for three seconds and then breathe it out; it will help you to get relaxed, otherwise, you will be frozen or lost control of your mind which can lead to serious consequences.

14. Know how to repair equipment

If you don’t know how to repair your car or basic home improvement, then, it is the right time to pull up your sleeves and learn how to repair several types of equipment such as gas stove, radio, car, and home appliances.

During the emergency food supply decreases around the city, therefore, don’t attract hungry people around you to share food. Don’t put spices in your food because it can attract people toward your food. Don’t eat excessively try to save your food because if emergency prolongs then you would be left with no food for future. Always think of future when stuck in this type of situation.

15. Always ready with your bug out bag

A bug out bag is an essential step in urban survival skills. Don’t wait for the disaster to hit in your city and then run to purchase a bug out bag to defeat the dangerous situation.

You can prepare well-in-advance to beat all sort of dangerous situation. A bug out bag has all the essential equipment which will help you survive in the wilderness. It has the medical kit, food, shelter and luggage and basic equipment to survive during calamities. Therefore, you must have your urban survival kit ready to take on the disaster once it hits your city.

16. Find shelter to keep yourself warm

When stuck in floods and disaster your first priority should be to find a proper place to take shelter into. Always find a home with basic amenities to take shelter. Don’t wander in open because it may bring danger to your life such as in case of floods and hurricanes.

17. Eat high calorie food

You must be fit in demanding situations otherwise you can’t tackle serious situations. Make sure to include high calories of food in your diet. During the storage phase of food make sure that all food items are high in calories and protein as it will make you stay fit during a hard time.

18. Protect your feet

During the floods and other natural disasters you must know the basic urban survival tactics and keeping your feet dry is a mandatory thing. Therefore, wear a good quality of shoes and if your feet get wet, then dry it. If your feet get dry, then take a Medicare or apply lotion to keep them away from cracking.

So, keeping these urban survival skills in hand, you can successfully defeat any sort of natural disaster or emergency situation.

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