Learn About Tactical Gloves

Learn About Tactical Gloves

Learn About Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves or shooting gloves are gloves thoroughly designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agents like police and military operatives, providing protection against injuries and any danger. Because of these, shooting gloves are strong, wear resistant and impact resistant while allowing a great level of dexterity.

Most of the shooting gloves available today feature the same materials -tough quality leather on the palm and Kevlar at the back – To ensure maximum protection and providing impact resistance against serious threats like cutting.

Types of Shooting Gloves Available

Considering that the need of police force or military personnel differs, different kinds of shooting gloves are manufactured for special purposes.

Types of Shooting Gloves

All Terrain

 I’d personally love to name this kind of gloves as environment-friendly gloves because they are designed to be suitable for all environments. No matter the environment, be it wooded forest or an urban environment of an isolated town, these gloves are the right ones. All terrain gloves are specially designed to be water, oil, dirt resistant and other impurities that can reduce the quality of the gloves.

Sniper’s Gauntlets

These kind of gloves as the name suggests are specially made for people who make use of sniper rifles. So, these gloves need to offer more dexterity than traditional tactical gloves but doesn’t necessarily offer same impact resistance to cuts as the former ones. Because of this, many manufacturers do not incorporate the Kevlar at the back of the gloves. However, these gloves still have great resistance to wear.

Needlestick Gloves

 These are high quality gloves designed to be used by police during drug raids where there’s a high risk of encountering dangerous needles. If you’re pierced by one of these needles, there’s a chance that you can develop dangerous infections such as hepatitis or even HIV. Needlestick Gloves are carefully designed to resist needle puncture, thereby preventing pricking of your skin.

Uses of Tactical Gloves

Apart from using tactical gloves to catch criminals or for military operations, these gloves have wide range of applications for which their hardwearing feature makes them awesome.

Uses of Tactical Gloves


 Airsoft is a competitive shooting game that requires one to use airsoft guns. Playing this type of sports means that you need a high level of protection to keep your hands safe. Since this sport requires high speed solid pellets, tactical gloves can provide the needed protection while still keeping your dexterity as high as possible.


 Because these gloves are designed specially for military operations, tactical gloves are good for wearing when playing paintball. The protection these gloves offer is great for receiving paintball hits, and the grip and dexterity they provide ensures that shooting is made easier and safer.


 Traditional gloves offer some level of protection against cold, but trying to engage in a strenuous job in a frozen day is nearly impossible. Tactical gloves not only offer protection but also make clearing snow or ice from your environment effortless. All thanks to the insulation and dexterity they provide.

Motorcycle Riding

 Due to the high resistance tactical gloves offer, they are also used for riding motorcycles. It is very important that these cyclists have the right gears that provide maximum protection because even the slightest accidents can cause huge damage to the skin and bones. The impact resistance of tactical gloves reduces the chance of sustaining any serious injuries on your hands if you fall off a motorcycle.

In summary, shooting gloves offer great impact resistance and protection to your hands and if you plan on getting one for yourself, then consider getting high quality ones from us.