Tactical Pen and the TSA

Tactical Pens and the TSA

More than 700 million people were screened by the Transportation Security Administration in 2017. That is about 1.9 million people every day. The TSA seized 2,653 guns as well as other items considered to be unsafe, in the thousands.

It’s kind of hilarious the kind of items that folks actually try to get on a flight. There have been several weird cases – fireworks, bear spray, and even live grenades! You would be shocked at the collection of grenades of different shapes and sizes that the TSA confiscated from travelers last year.

Nonetheless, TSA agents also sometimes confiscate items that need not necessarily be disallowed.

Well, what can we say?

In their domain, they are in charge, and when one is trying to board a flight, the last thing you want to do is get in a tussle that could wind up delaying you for hours, or even days.

I heard a story about a man whose tactical pen was seized by airport security, and he couldn’t really understand why. But, this man was holding his tactical pen while going through security. He eventually wound up putting it in the screening bin, within the view of the screener. And this was a major slip-up on his path.

As someone who travels often, all around the world, my tactical pen has never been confiscated at the airport, and I always have it with me. The thing is, flashing your tactical pen (however cool you think it is) at TSA screeners is never such a great idea, and yet a lot of people do this. If TSA sees it, they’ll most likely confiscate it.

The vast majority of TSA personnel would much rather err on the path of caution than take any chances, and so if they sight your cool tactical pen, they be sure to strip it off you.

But, there is no actual reason for you to let them spot your pen.

I mean, think about it. Personally, before I go through TSA screening, I always stash my tactical pen in my laptop bag, right next to my conventional pens, and I certainly don’t swank about it. Just make sure it blends in with the regular pens, I put the cap on the pointed end of my tactical pen. I just place my bag on the screening belt as always. Then immediately I get out of the checking area, I take out my cool pen and stick it back in my pocket.

Different checkpoints, however, have their different judgements as to what should and shouldn’t be confiscated. For instance, a fellow who went to Scotland reported that although security is a much more serious issue in their airports than it is in the United States, and they do a 100% thorough search, his tactical pen didn’t pose any challenge at all.

The summary of the matter is that there is absolutely no sense in flaunting your tactical pen at a TSA checkpoint. You never can tell if they would decide it is unsafe, and so it’s best that you don’t expose it to them.

The truth remains that tactical pens are quite ideal as self-defense instruments, and so it is smart to always have one with you, as situations may arise whereby you may need to defend yourself.

If you’re traveling soon, be smart with your TSA screening. Showing off your tactical pen is completely unnecessary.