Shooting Target Reviews: Top 7 Best Shooting Targets 2020

Best Shooting Targets Review

Shooting targets are vital if you want to increase your precision and aim.

There may be a situation where you’re required to defend your life with your firearm and you’ll need to be able to accurately and swiftly use your gun. Aiming a weapon is not as easy as the movies make it look, so practicing with a shooting target is a necessity as you certainly don’t want to be caught off guard should the occasion arise.

Here at MikesGearReviews, we’ve taken a look at some of the various options available on the market right now for the best shooting targets which are;

  • Big Dawg Targets – 18 X 24 Inch Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target
  • Splatterburst Targets – 18 x 24 inch – Triple Silhouette Reactive Shooting Target
  • MarksmanSKLZ Shatterproof Shooting Bottles
  • Daisy Shatterblast Breakable Refill Target 2″ Disks (60 Pack)
  • Clay Pigeon Target Holders Pack of 7
  • Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand
  • Splatterburst Targets 10 Pack – (620) 1″ Cover-up Patches

Best Shooting Targets 2023

Big Dawg Targets – 18 X 24 Inch Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target

Big Dawg Targets - 18 X 24 Inch Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target

We’ll begin with Big Dawg’s 18 x 24 inch silhouette reactive splatter shooting target.

Right out of the gate it’s clear to see that this product offers superiority with its large target size, which comes in at twice that of many other shooting targets. This offers a reasonable comparison to an average human size, adding an element of realism to the practice. A key feature we liked is the bright fluorescent splatters, which give a clear indication of where you’re hitting, particularly from a distance; a crucial factor for when you engage in target practice. The instant feedback is something you wouldn’t get otherwise and it’s great for shooters both new and experienced to see how they’re performing on the fly. The additional added bonus is that you do not have to constantly roll the target in to see how well you have achieved, another big positive in our book.

We also liked the thickness of the card. Not only that, but due to the robust nature of the card, you can take them outside and they won’t be negatively manipulated by wind; they’ll hold firm allowing you to focus on the task at hand – improving your aim and shot, critical for any gun target.

Overall we found Big Dawg’s splatter shooting targets incredibly easy to use, providing instantaneous feedback with a robust and sturdy structure, allowing for long use and giving an incomparable difference from the paper targets usually found at the range. A potential drawback could be the price. However, we felt that you get exactly what you pay for, which is a top of the line product, great for the novice or the advanced shooter.

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Splatterburst Targets – 18 x 24 inch – Triple Silhouette Reactive Shooting Target

Splatterburst Targets - 18 x 24 inch - Triple Silhouette Reactive Shooting Target

Next on our list are the Splatterburst Targets, 18 x 24 inches.

Similar to the Big Dawg, these shooting targets boast impressive durability, being thicker than the run of the mill paper targets. In addition, you once again receive great visual feedback with the splatter burst target; a fluorescent halo circles the hole that impacts on the target.

Due to the size of these targets, there is no time wasted by rolling the target to you to see where you’ve hit, allowing you more time to work on your aim and fire rate. Aesthetically, these targets offer a slightly better design than the Big Dawg variant, appealing to audiences old and young, new shooters and veterans alike.

A downside when comparing to the Big Dawg shooting target, is that the durability doesn’t quite match up. This could affect the overall rating of the product, as while some consumers will use these targets indoors, there will be many who will also take these outside, so it’s certainly a factor to consider.

Back to further positives, the product description boasts that these targets are appropriate for all firearms, meaning they can be used as bb gun targets, pellet guns, air rifles and even shotguns. Their durability means they can stand up to multiple strings of fire, which again is a huge plus for those of you who are firing for continuous stretches at a time.

There is also a money back guarantee noted on the product description, which provides good peace of mind for the user and it’s refreshing to see such confidence in a product.

Overall, the Splatterburst Targets are of high quality, with no compromise in design to bring about the best shooting experience for the novice right up to the veteran. The price matches that of Big Dawg’s variant and the only drawback we noted was the durability isn’t quite as good as Big Dawg’s. However, aesthetically it slightly edged the competition, a slightly more visually pleasing look rendering this product top of our list.

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MarksmanSKLZ Shatterproof Shooting Bottles

MarksmanSKLZ Shatterproof Shooting Bottles

From MarksmanSKLZ come the shatterproof shooting bottles.

Differing vastly from the previous two products, these high visibility bottles (coming in no less than six different colours) offer a fun way to improve your shooting skills. Included with the bottles is a cord which you can use to hang the bottles, which is a nice touch as you can vary your target practice by having the bottles swinging from up high or left on target stands.

The bottles are shatterproof and can be used with any caliber of weapon; however there is a risk with pellets or BB guns that a ricochet can occur, deflecting the projectile back into harms way.

First impressions of the product are that they are more appealing to casual shooters than the previous shooting targets; other users have commented that they were a huge hit at bachelor parties and social events in general, whereas the other two products would be more for the shooter looking to make serious improvements to their aim.

Visibility is again good, the various colors providing a good visual cue when shooting. You can see impact holes from a distance, but unlike the targets before, you would need to get up close and personal to see exactly where you have hit.

The durability is high, which is a good indication that they’ll last a while, perhaps longer than anticipated.

As a gun target I believe these bottles work well and are especially appealing to a younger audience but also have value for those experienced with firearms, as the challenge can be increased with the range you set and your weapon of choice will puncture the bottle. As for the price, they often sell for around $40, which again could come across as expensive, however for some users the fresh variation of the run of the mill paper targets will come as a welcome addition to their target practice.

We found the bottles to be great fun, more durable than expected and also an appropriate challenge. A worthy product to consider as its appeal spans across multiple generations and levels of experience.

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Daisy Shatterblast Breakable Refill Target 2″ Disks (60 Pack)

Daisy Shatterblast Breakable Refill Target 2" Disks (60 Pack)

Moving on with our list we have the 2” shatterblast breakable refill targets from Daisy. These disks are made from clay and come packaged as sixty in a box. Their use is mainly geared towards a younger shooter, who is just starting out with bb gun targets as opposed to your veteran shooter looking for something a bit more hardcore.

That’s not to say they’re to be dismissed by someone with more experience however, as these fun targets are still appropriate to hone your skills and can be great pistol targets. Styled in a striking “hunter orange” aesthetic, the bright design makes it easy to see where you have hit your mark and the disks will shatter when struck with a pellet or bb impact. Their use is mainly in conjunction with target stands (don’t fret; we have that covered with our next item), however they can just as easily be affixed to a stationary object, such as a tree or a bench.

We liked the variation that these offered for shooting and indeed other customers agreed with our sentiment, one in particular remarked “Shoot-N-C paper targets are nice, but sometimes you just need to break stuff to have fun.” We couldn’t agree more, the impact and shatter makes for a quick jolt of adrenalin to your target practice that you wouldn’t get from the previous targets listed above.

One downside will be that you will absolutely annihilate the box and find yourself out of shooting targets rather quickly.

With that said, we certainly did have a great time with these targets, the feedback from the shatter was refreshing and got our primal urges surging, the only negative was that we simply extinguished our stock rather quickly as we were having such a blast!

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Sharp TargetsClay Pigeon Target Holders Pack of 7

Sharp TargetsClay Pigeon Target Holders Pack of 7

As we mentioned above, the refill targets work best when accompanied by target stands. Sharp Targets offer a pack of seven target holders, all sizing up at eighteen inches tall. They are lightweight and compact, but don’t let that deceive you, as they are also very durable and easily fixed into position in any terrain, including a rocky landscape. Being CNC bended from high quality spring tension and galvanized steel there is a unique blend of flexibility and toughness, ideal for a shooting target.

The target holders can cover an array of purposes, such as being set up to replicate tactical scenarios, serving as pistol targets for competitive or private training, or having a fun bonding session with a younger member of your family. As a robust gun target, they will be ideal for use with handguns, shotguns or even long range rifle work. An elevated position that the target stands provide give a realistic line of sight shot, which will be very handy for improving your aim and rate of fire.

A huge positive that we briefly touched on is their compact and lightweight construction. This really comes into play if you are shooting for a longer period of time and adjusting your targets; you don’t want to be trudging back and forth carrying a heavy load as this will quickly wear thin and could even cause you to shorten your session due to fatigue, which would completely hinder the main goal (to improve your aim and shooting). Another factor to their design, being as sleek as they are, means that dirt and other material does not stick easily and we found that any debris that lingered on the stands was easily wiped off, causing no laborious cleaning after a hard day of shooting; a big plus in our book.

Consumers have also noted and been impressed by the durability of the target.

To surmise, the target stands offered by Sharps Target are good bang for your buck offering multiple uses across a variety of weapons and when coupled with the clay targets from Daisy, they are sure to induce hours of fun, advantageous shooting practice.

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Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand

Caldwell Ultimate Target Stand

A great shooting target is a necessity for all of us out there trying to get our aim to the next level. That’s why the Ultimate Target Stand from Caldwell is something you have to check out. A large gun target once unpacked, it’s a compact and lightweight, all purpose, all weather target stand that not only offers great value, but supreme quality.

The oversized backer can hold two fifteen inch targets (side by side) and the material is made out of a moisture resistant compound, which is obviously a massive bonus for those of us who like to take our target practice outdoors, no matter the weather. Space is often an issue for transporting a target stand; however Caldwell’s product has a collapsible frame, allowing for easy storage to and from the range.

That’s not all, the Ultimate Target Stand also comes equipped with removable ground stabilizers, which can be affixed in order to become super resistant in windy conditions. We set this up in a cross configuration (after seeing one user comment how effective this method was) and found the target simply would not budge, even after a few hits bounced off the frame itself. The molded in spikes can be driven firmly into the ground by your foot, providing a sturdy base necessary for a good session of shooting.

A great touch with this product is the integrated storage container, where you can hold an array of miscellaneous shooting range paraphernalia.

Many target stands operate as adequate bb gun targets, yet fall short of offering the durability required for acting as valuable pistol targets as well.

Overall we were very impressed with this product, as it gave great durability, speedy set up and best of all, compact and easy to store and transport. Certainly a worthy addition to your equipment check list, especially for the price, will get you this great piece of kit, a real bargain in our eyes.

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GlowShot Targets Splatterburst Targets 10 Pack – (620) 1″ Cover-up Patches

GlowShot Targets Splatterburst Targets 10 Pack - (620) 1" Cover-up Patches

The final product on our list comes in from GlowShot Targets. Their ten inch reactive splatter targets come in a pack of twenty, they’re certainly worth a look and will serve as a good shooting target. Primarily, they will be used for gun and rifle targets but can also be used with air soft and bb guns.

As the name suggests, these targets give great feedback when impacted, brightly highlighting where your shot passed. Not only are the splatters bright, but different areas of the target show up in a range of colors once they’ve been hit, adding a nice fun touch to proceedings. This adds appeal to all generations, young first time shooters will enjoy seeing their rounds light up in different colors, while the more seasoned gunslinger will also revel in having this visual aid to provide instant feedback.

We found this product acted best as pistol targets, as the splatter was most visible in this weapon range, particularly when increasing the distance of shooting, as due to their size it can be hard to accurately see your impacts without a spotting scope.

For target practice, the most irritating aspect can be fiddling with masking tape to properly affix your target to the desired backing. Thankfully, the GlowShots are adhesive, making them simple to stick to the cardboard backing.

The value of these targets makes them a high priority to consider for your arsenal, there’s minimal risk but maximum potential to gain. Not only will your accuracy improve, but you’ll also have fun whilst doing it.

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We’ve looked into a variety of products to increase your potency with a firearm and many of the items listed above can work in conjunction with one another to give optimum results. The aim of this article is to provide you with enough relevant information in order to make an informed choice, whether it is for a bit of fun with your buddies down the range, or introducing your younger family member to their first shooting target, there’s something here for everyone to benefit from.

Mike’s Gear Reviews highly recommends the Splatterburst Targets, 18 x 24 inches. A tight call between this product and Big Dawg Targets – 18 X 24 Inch Silhouette Reactive Splatter Shooting Target, we found the Splatterburst superior due to its aesthetic quality and appeal. Both products will serve you well at the range however, either as pistol targets or bb gun targets, offering great visual feedback, strong durability and affordability.

Or you can get a little bit creative:

In addition, we were also huge fans of the Ultimate Target Stand by Caldwell. Not only is this gun target robust and sturdy, it is also lightweight and compact, making for a perfect addition to your equipment list. It can be planted anywhere, with its supporting components offering incredible resistance not only to the elements, but also to any stray shooting that may occur!

Target practice is crucial to your development in the world of shooting and with the range of shooting targets listed above, we are confident you will make the correct choice for you and your skills with a firearm will improve to the standard you feel they need to be at.

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