Shooting Glove Reviews: Best 5 Shooting Gloves 2019

Best Shooting Gloves

Wearing the proper safety gear is a must when practicing your shooting skills.

I agree, finding the perfect tactical gloves can be tricky.

But don’t worry! I’ve made it easy for you. 

I’ll tell you everything you need to know before buying tactical gloves right here, right now.

Let’s Take a quick look at what we recommend before we go into details: 





Price for 1 minute

Mike's Top Choice

(The one we like the best)

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves

Features "Micro Suede Nose Wipe"

Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger

Allows for cellphone usage

Design Adaptability

Cheapest Option

(Check current price down below)

Mechanix Wear - Original Covert Tactical Gloves

Thermoplastic Rubber Closure for secure fit

Reinforced panels in high wear areas

Machine Washable

Form-fitting Trekdry helps keep hands cool and comfortable

Here are the 5 best shooting gloves we looked at:

  • Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting/Duty Glove
  • 5.11 Taclite 2 Gloves
  • Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove
  • PIG FDT Alpha Gloves
  • Mechanix Wear – Original Covert Tactical Gloves

How do we know these are the best shooting gloves?


We took a look at their:

  • Fingerless or half finger design,
  • Padding and protection,
  • Weatherproofing,
  • Trigger finger traction,
  • Fit and comfort, and
  • Complementary design

Wanna learn more about shooting and tactical gloves? Down bellow you can learn:

Now, here are the full reviews:

Hatch Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves

Hatch Specialist All Weather Shooting Gloves

The Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves is offered in both men and women sizes.

As a tactical shooting glove, it could also be used as all day wear gloves. Reviews cited this shooting glove as a top contender as pistol shooters gloves with its comfortable

Hatch gloves are used by law enforcement personnel.

They are designed to be used all day and can adapt to activities more than just being a pistol shooters gloves. This shooting glove is made of comfortable neoprene, with a non-slip grip sewn into the trigger finger and palms of the glove.

The price is also a nice selling point. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, get the Hatch Specialist All-Weather Shooting Glove, it’s more than what you pay for.

  • Materials:
  • All day wear
  • Offers sizes for women
  • Extreme-grip sewn onto palms and fingertips

5.11 Taclite 2 Gloves

5.11 Taclite 2 Gloves

This is not just another tactical shooting glove with it’s lightweight design and practical sweat wipe back, it is one of the most versatile and products along the lines of shooting gloves for the 5.11 brand.

Since it is made up of spandex, we know it will fit snugly and conform to the skin, so a point to remember when getting the Taclite 2 is get the size right.

The lightweight design of the Taclite 2 makes it a nice pistol shooting glove providing ease of movement and a good trigger function with its precision fingertips design.

  • Materials: Nylon & Spandex
  • All day wear Tactical Touch precision fit fingerprints
  • Extremely lightweight and fast drying with Sweat wipe in back of wristband

Most pistoleros prefer a half finger pistol shooting glove, a lot of the reviews mentioned that Taclite 2, being made of spandex, develops rip easily specially at the fingertips. One reviewer suggested that the Tactile 2 in would be a good starter pistol shooters gloves if they come in half-finger design too.

The price is a little steep, however, these shooters still get this product, mainly for the ease of usage. Their point is that it is a multipurpose glove that could also be used in other forms.

If you want the dexterity, ample security and movement function for your hands all the time, get the Tactile 2 gloves.

Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove, Black

Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove, Black

The Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove primarily looks like a biker’s glove but is a good choice for pistol and shotgun shooting gloves.

The leather makes it a nice glove to have in the cold weather and can also be used in warm weather because of the breathability ports in the shooting gloves.

The grip design provides satisfactory trigger function traction specially for the reloading magazines and picking up casings.

The main selling point for the Oakley Mens Factory Pilot Glove is the hardened knuckles. They provide great protection for your knuckles and the tight fight of the glove makes putting it on and off fairly easy.

This is the same glove brand issued to the US army and the special forces, that being said, we know this would rate high in usability, dexterity and reliability.

  • Materials: Materials: Nylon & Spandex All day wear Tactical Touch precision fit fingerprints Extremely lightweight and fast drying with Sweat wipe in back of wristband
  • Trigger function: Unobtainium surfacing on palms and fingers for a secure grip
  • Textured pull for easy donning

PIG FDT Alpha Gloves

PIG FDT Alpha Gloves

As the reviews state, it is one of the best shooting gloves that allow movement and cell phone usage as well.

The material allows for it to be unnoticeable after putting it on. It also features “The “Micro Suede Nose Wipe – Fights against cold-weather drip” to wipe off sweat and other unsightly dirt off your face for a cleaner, more hygienic practice.

The knuckle are also protected with a soft padding suitable for patrol work and driving, another reason to add them in your overall ensemble.

Like the other shooting gloves, it also sports the same vise-grip features but the trigger finger traction is made of a specialized thin material which reviews mentioned as feeling next to barenaked.

  • Materials: Selective Forchette Material – Inside fourchettes are ventilated for maximum wicking
  • Best worn in:Shooting range and patrol work
  • Trigger function: Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger – The thinnest available Clarino™ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity

Mechanix Wear – Original Covert Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear - Original Covert Tactical Gloves

The manufacturer describes this product as “Mechanix Wear tactical gloves are designed to protect military, law enforcement, and shooting sports enthusiasts at home and abroad in varying environments and conditions.

From high-dexterity shooting gloves and police patrol gloves to mil-spec tactical gloves, each glove series is designed to meet the demands of professionals and enthusiasts alike”.

At its current selling price, the Mechanix is a popular choice as pistol shooters glove. If you are looking for ample range presence and protection without breaking the bank, go for the well known Mechanix Wear – Original Covert Tactical Gloves

Materials: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure with hook and loop provides a secure fit

  • Trigger function: Reinforced panels in high wear areas
  • All day wear
  • Form-fitting TrekDry helps keep hands cool and comfortable.

For the wives like me, the best thing about this as shooting glove is that it is machine washable. No contest on that.

Our Top Choice

I would to go for the PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves for the following reasons

  1. They seem to be the perfect shooting gloves for me and the hubby, it is offered for both male and female shooters so we can go twinning in the range
  2. Allows for cellphone usage without feeling like you suddenly turned into the Hulk
  3. Design adaptability, it can match the clothes (or uniform) of the shooter to blend in the environment rather than stick out against the camouflage
  4. If you are born activity clumsy like me, you would appreciate the pull function of the PIG FDT glove, simple and uncomplicated

The shooting gloves for the husband is the lipstick stash to me; you need the right one for the right action. We all have our own survival skills, defense skills and special ways to keep ourselves safe and sane. Just like you, I want to have the best tools to keep me safe and sane in times of crisis.

Check out for other gear reviews and survival ideas.

How do you know the best shooting gloves for you? Let us turn to the experts punch list:

How to Choose the Best Shooting Gloves for You

A common characteristic of most shooting gloves is the fingerless or half finger design.

This design allows for the top part of the gloves left bare or open leaving fingers exposed and the trigger finger free to move normally. 

However, current gloves are made for protection, especially when used as pistol shooting gloves or shotgun shooting gloves, so most options found on the market are full fingered.

Although fingerless or open tipped gloves is the common design for shooting gloves, options for the best shooting gloves and multi-purpose tactical shooting gloves are gaining much favor from our experts, war game enthusiasts and red-blooded pistoleros. Here is a punch list on what to consider when shopping for.

Padding and Protection

Tactical shooting gloves are used as protective gear for the pistoleros and game enthusiasts alike. One of the top considerations when shopping for shooting gloves is the available padding of the glove. Padded knuckles joints absorbs shock and pressure from pressing against a wall or a hard surface.

Alternately, the padding also acts as an additional layer for the shooting gloves a protective layer of the glove and the skin. Pistol shooting gloves used with BB guns are often padded to avoid unsightly injuries caused by hits. If having war-games in a harsh terrain, you can wear the pistol shooting glove even when crawling through the terrain.

For military use, gloves are part of their uniform. Extended field deployment could cause injury to the serviceman. They need to protect each part of their body especially their limbs. Hands are used constantly and to protect our servicemen, their gear should include the best shooting gloves available.

Weather compatibility or Weatherproofing

I have not seen someone wearing gloves while watching television in the comforts of their temperature controlled home. War games and shooting ranges as well as full scenario military operations are set in places where the weather may not be too forgiving. Sometimes it’s scorching hot and it may be raining the next. Shooting gloves should be resilient to the weather or can diffuse the effects on the shooter’s hands.

Many gloves in the market offer climate controlled feeling sewn in between the thread of the gloves. This creates the best possible condition for the shooter to keep control of his gun regardless of heat and humidity.

Another less mentioned use of waterproof gloves is its use in picking up heated metal casings. Pistol shooters gloves are often word by competitive shooters and

The best shooting gloves provide comfort from weather dips. For example, wearing the shooting glove in a tropical, humid area. Normally, a person wearing the glove would experience possible warmness causing his hands to sweat. The best shooting gloves will either be made of cool and comfortable material allowing air to escape or circulate, and in case of sweating, absorbent enough to allay palm sweating.

Trigger Finger Traction

As stated earlier, trigger finger traction is one of the most important factors when choosing the best shooting gloves for you. Being able to pull the trigger sets the game in motion. This is especially important for pistol shooting gloves and shotgun shooting gloves. The trigger finger traction is such an important consideration when choosing the best shooting gloves since the trigger finger needs to be flexible enough to bend and comfortable enough to rest along the trigger guard and can switch in between without a hitch.

The available finger room is important to have the dexterity of the naked hand but still retain the protection that shooting gloves provide. Some shooting gloves maintains the full finger design, but uses special rubber design to retain the traction for the trigger finger

Fit and Comfort

Discomfort is every shooter’s downfall. All things considered, the best shooting gloves fit the shooter’s hands like a second skin. If the glove they are wearing are ill-fitting, they may not be able to hold their gear properly. Worse, they may have trouble with the trigger.

War games enthusiasts normally uses shotgun shooting gloves since most of them carry long arms. They need reliable shooting gloves that will not tear, heat or freeze up. The same with goes for pistol shooting gloves, like the shotgun shooting gloves, pistols as a handheld gear requires the hands, gloved hands, to come in full contact with the gun and in constant side of the trigger guard. Being comfortable in whatever type of shooting glove the shooter is wearing will increase his chances of fluid motion.

When out in the field, a shooter will not take off his gloves after every shot. Shooting gloves must be comfortable enough to move around and perform normal actions without snagging or being in the way.

And then there is that factor hiding in plain sight…

Complimentary design

Shooting gloves are mostly used by war games enthusiasts, hunters, police and military men. Coupled with the first four factors in choosing tactical shooting gloves, the best shooting gloves becomes part of the shooter.

For a hunter, the shotgun shooting glove should blend well with his surroundings. The same goes for tactical shooting gloves used by military men in covert operations. The best shooting gloves compliment the shooters tactical uniforms and sportswear. Many shooters prefer black pistol shooters gloves for practicality but would not do well when trying to blend with the environment

Shooting Gloves and Tactical Gloves

Shooting gloves provide the much needed protection between the gun and the human. Many would say that wearing shooting gloves in training and war games would obstruct the normal movement of the shooter, but experts say that the best shooting gloves actually provide the ideal comfort and heat to keep the dexterity of the trigger finger as well as the hands.

I had an early head start in packing the thrill junkie’s weekender bag. Along with his gear and ammunitions, hat, eye gear, binoculars, earmuffs, vest, the foamed sweater, flashlight, and knife, was three pairs of shooting gloves, three pairs! I had to ask him why he needs three pairs of shooting gloves since they all look the same to me.

Once again, I am lost, a deja vu of the tactical pen discussion popped into my head.

Being the wife-zilla of an ex-military guy, I am accustomed to the parade of uniformed men visiting our house. In one of their dinners, I was listening (okay, eavesdropping…) to the group across the room talking about firing a few rounds to practice for the upcoming marksmanship test. They were going to shoot meat and plates that weekend.

Later that night, I confronted the husband and made it perfectly clear that there is no way that I will let them toy with food nor destroy my 15th century hand-painted china plates! After his bout of laughter, he told me that they were going to shoot metal plates at the firing range and afterwards go hunting. Since my china plates are safe, I became the dutiful wife and helped him pack for his trip.

Back to the 3 pairs of shooting gloves, I had to ask him if he’s lending the extra pistol shooting gloves to his friends. He told me that he has to bring tactical shooting gloves because he wants to have his options ready. He had a pistol shooting glove for his handgun to be used in the range. He also has a shotgun shooting glove for his BB gun, and another tactical shooting glove in a different color as back up.

I had been on a firing range before, and occasionally play with the junkie’s BB gun. I was able to wrangle a promise from the husband to bring me to a firing range soon so I can shoot stuff.

Handling any type of gun has its dangers. The use of artificial sport guns like airsoft or BB guns and pellet guns and the more popular paintball guns are now widely seen as sport and recreation. War games enthusiasts have their own choice of best shooting gloves. Players of these games wear protective gear much like real pistoleros.

Hand-gun shooters or pistoleros are more keen to wearing protective gear specially shooting gloves during training. They said it that wearing gloves in training adds tension and it would be very easy to shoot without.

 Shooting gloves provides the protection from injury, cuts and burns, and from outer elements which can hinder your ability to draw your arms and pull the trigger.

The best shooting gloves also provide added protection when used in a less than ideal terrain such as in bushy areas and branch filled forests.

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