How to disappear… and never be found [PART I]


Do thoughts like “I want to disappear”, “How to disappear”, or “How to disappear for a few days” strike your mind on a regular basis? If so, then you are not the only one who has thought about this.

There are many people around the world who think about how to disappear completely and never be visible.

If you think that it is entirely impossible, then you are wrong.

It is a hard task to think about how to disappear completely or finding different ways about how to disappear for a few days, but if you plan your activities accordingly, then there is a chance that you might find successful ways to disappear yourself.  

There could be enormous reasons which may compel you to take this step. Maybe you have borrowed money from the bank which you are not able to pay due to poor financial condition, or maybe you have committed a sin or indulged in an illegal crime which requires you to disappear… or, perhaps you are curious to know whether you can disappear or not….

Let’s check out the various ways or tricks about how to disappear completely.

A disappearance is a Serious Act: First and foremost reason behind disappearance should be genuine and strong because it’s not a game. There are several government agencies who would be looking after you once you do it.

Now, a question that would clinch your mind here might be – is it illegal to disappear?

Well, the answer to this question largely depends on the reason behind your vanishing.

For instance, if you have taken debt and you have planned to elope, then government agencies will be out looking for you and once they have tracked you, then you will be charged with fraud and imprisoned.

Moreover, if you have moved out of family without informing them and they have lodged a missing complaint against you, then you have to pay the charges to the team for searching you. Additionally, you should be ready for legal ramifications.

Therefore, you need a serious planning before staging a vanishing act. It is not as simple as it may sound that get up one day and pack your bags and leave the city. Hence, if you really want to disappear then start planning your disappearance well in advance. Moreover, don’t leave a proof behind you.

Here are some points to consider before disappearing yourself.

Start Maintaining Distance from Your Friends and Family

Make your master plan fault proof.

First of all, start maintaining distance from your friends and family members. Cut off all ties from your closed one to the extent that they really don’t expect to hear from you. I know that it is immensely hard but, it is the most important part of the plan.  If you successfully cut ties with family and friends then you are close to making your vanishing dream come true.

Gradually Start Destroying All possessions

To not leave any proof or lead about your existence, start destroying your all possession.

This will include your photos, destroy or burn all your pictures so your family and friends can’t go out looking for you. This will work for you in a great manner if you are looking for different ways to disappear.

Abandon your car and don’t leave any memento or note which can give a hint about your whereabouts.

Disconnect Yourself From Social Media

This appears not so important, but in today’s world, it has become one of the most important things.

If you don’t disable your social media profiles, then you can be easily caught.

It is not a one-day process. First of all, stop using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites; tell your friends and family members that you want to focus on your work or studies, therefore, you are disconnecting your social media accounts.

Doing so will make your act of vanishing a smooth experience.

Start Withdrawing Your Money

Money plays a vital role in your act of disappearance. Without ample amount of money, you can’t afford to vanish completely.

Make sure that you get rid-off all plastic money such as Visa, Master or Credit cards, otherwise it would be easier for agencies to catch you.

Put in your mind that you are cash only person.

Do not withdraw the whole money in one go because it would raise many eyebrows. Do it gradually over the time. You can start this process month ago as it will not let anybody suspect your intention. Moreover, if you are completely bankrupt then start gathering money from various sources so that you can survive in between the days of your disappearance.

Save your money in a safe place that it can’t get traced.

 Create A Backstory

If you think that you would silently vanish from your existing life, then you are wrong.

Your disappearance would be investigated because your family members or perhaps from people whom you have borrowed money would definitely come after you. Therefore, lying is the only option which can save you in this grave situation. Don’t hesitate to lie because now it does not matter as you are already planning to start a fresh life.

It is immensely important to create a false backstory because it would confuse the investigation agencies for some time and make your disappearing act successful.

Moreover, whether it is your best friend or whosoever don’t even disclose your disappearing plans to them because they can break off in front of investigation agency.

If you want to keep in touch with your loved ones, then make unique emails id which nobody can trace off. Always remember to make use of public computers or internet to send them emails.

Change Your Personal Appearance

Your appearance can be your biggest enemies if you want to disappear. Therefore, make sure that you completely change your appearance. Change the way you dress, avoid wearing your favorite jeans and trousers. Get a new haircut; if possible dye your hair.

In concise try to embrace a new appearance and make sure that nobody can identify you easily.

Create a false path for people to chase

Creating a false lead to people or agencies that you think they can follow you is a good idea. That will mostly safeguard you because in case if someone is planning to track you or recover you later they will be lead to an incorrect path.

Keep your eye on people who can chase you

If possible, keep your eyes on all those people like family, friends and agencies and the people working in those agencies who are after you. By knowing them and having an indirect contact with those people that will always help you to know what other people are going to do to catch you. You can have a prepaid number with false user ID to track those people.

Make a long-term plan

If you have arranged cash for now and one month as well, then think of what will you to do to survive after that time depending on the city you are in.

Predict your expenses and spend accordingly with the money you got now and in the meantime start thinking and arranging the job or income source from where you can pool money later so that you have always got money in your pocket.

Tell no one

Remember one thing: don’t tell anyone about your new location and identity, no matter how reliable that person is towards you. The situation may change in future and that person may have to tell about your new position to others or maybe someone can blackmail or emotionally convince that person to answer the questions about you. 

Leave your place

Now you got everything to survive for at least one month… so just leave.

Take time to decide as the world is much bigger than we think, especially when we are planning to leave and we don’t know where to go. If your budget allows you to disappear even in different countries you can leave for the international country and plan accordingly.

If you just don’t want to leave the country for some reason then make sure you don’t go somewhere within 200 km.

Adopt new habits

Get a new personality with new features or habits.

Wear clothes you hadn’t wear earlier

Change your way of dressing yourself completely different so if you had a businessman look earlier then change it to a casual look. Wear T-shirts with funky jeans and a sports glasses and shoes. Tactical pants can also be your ally if venturing into the wild.

Change your hairstyle

As you need to be a completely different man then hairstyle change is utmost important. Hairstyles play very important role in deciding and creating someone’s persona. Have you ever observed when you had a different kind of haircut you look a different person so change your hairstyle according to the situation demanded and if you need to color it then color with natural dyes.

Change your cushion habits

If you were a vegetarian earlier try to change yourself to a non-vegetarian. Change your food pattern never follow the same kind of restaurants that you earlier used to eat. Earlier if you were using your hands for food then now switch to knives and other means so that none even you think that now you are a different person.

Wear a cap or hat in public places

These places could be metro, railway stations or airport as they got security cameras which can be linked with the agency to whom you are running from. Use hat or caps to cover your face.

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