Home Defense 101: Ultimate Guide to Keep your Loved Ones Safe at Home

Home invasion crimes are increasing around the world with each passing day. Even the thought of prowler intruding in your house can be unsettling and send the chill down in your spine when your family is also there in the house. The house is among one of the most beautiful places for you where you spend quality time with your family, a place where you, along with your family, develop peace and harmony.

…you don’t want anyone to disturb this peace.

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Home Defense Guide [Getting Ready] While Confronting The Situation
Bottom Line

Over the years, home intruders have become more competent and many times they have changed their tactics to break into the house.

Now, they don’t bang on your door in the middle of the night or ring your bell and forcefully enter the house.

They can just break into your house from anywhere! So you need to think like them to protect yourself against home invasions.

With evolving crime tactics, you need to adopt advance home defense tactics to survive in this critical time. With the help of this article, we have accumulated an advanced home defense guide which will help you to protect against rising crime case.

  • Be Prepared: As we all know that best home defense is to be well prepared. To be well prepared, stroll around your home like an intruder and spot the areas which according to you give intruders a hint to break into your home. Identify all easy to access points in your home and cover them as soon as possible.

To ensure overall home protection strictly adhere to this home defense ultimate guide that will protect you and your family against deadly crime incidents.

Install motion sensor light near all the doors and windows

 This will produce the spectrum of lights which will enhance confusion in the mind of preparatory when he would try to intrude in your house. These lights are not too expensive and you can invest in it because they will effectively guard you against the thieves and burglars.

Deadbolt Lock

Most home invasions case comes into the light due to fragile or easy to break doors. These kinds of door give prowlers invitation to attack your house. Therefore, to get away with it, one can install a well-built door at every entry point of your house. This will make the job of prowler extremely hard and he would think ten times before jumping in your house.  However, it is a bit expensive and cost you an arm and leg, but considering the security it provides it worth’s each penny.

Install a Security Camera

Nowadays, security cameras have become essential for security purposes. Many complex cases are either being solved or averted with the help of security camera. Hence, you must install a security camera in the front of your door; it will help you keep an eye on every suspicious activity around your home. And as it is being said that precaution is better than cure, so, it is a mandatory home defense tool which you must embrace to ensure the security of your family.

Burglar Free Doors

It is common to have an easy to break door at your home. However, these types of doors are easy to break. Thus, if you are having a door in your home which you think is fragile enough to easily get away with; then, it is the time to really look into this. So bolster your exterior doors and make it almost impossible for the intruders to crack in these doors.

Get a Professional Dog

Dog can be a perfect protection against these kinds of crime because they will let you know that who is invading in your property without your permission. Mostly dogs are night crawlers, so they can bay or howl in the night and inform you that everything is not right so you can become prepared for the extreme situation. Hiring a defense dog can be an ideal home defense tactic which you can adapt to ensure your family well-being.

Turn the Lights On

It is an old technique which is still immensely relevant even nowadays. Leaving the lights on give people an impression that you are still awake and also put fear in the mind of the intruder that someone might see him.

Ensure Safety of Side Doors

Side doors are considered as one of the weakest points in the house from where anyone can break into the house. Therefore, safeguard all these weak entry points. You can take help of professionals to guide you with cool home defense strategy to convert this weak entry point to the safest place.

Keep Bushes Trimmed

Keeping bushes and plants trimmed around your home would be a great home defense strategy as it won’t give intruders chance to hide in these big bushes and execute their plans. Having trimmed bushes and plants also help you in monitoring the courtyard of your home.

Install An Alarm System

Installing an alarm system around your home would be a part of a cool home defense idea. Consult a professional help while stationing an alarm system in your home.

Make A Safe Room

Always keep a separate room while constructing your house where you and your family get shielded in case of an emergency. Plan this room keeping in mind the intruders so that they can’t easily spot and break in.

Many thieves and burglars are not bothered about such type of security measures. They may break into your house and situation might come where such people might get frozen while confronting these kinds of extreme situations. Below we have mentioned the best home protection tip in case if an intruder invades in your home, go through these house protection tips to prevent yourself against high crime rate.

However, you should rehearse home defense plan with your family once or twice because doing practical would give an edge while confronting this situation.

Avoid Confrontation

Okay, so if you are a victim of this situation, then don’t try to act brave because it may cost you heavily. For the sake of your family protection, avoid confrontation unless it becomes inevitable.

Home Defense Spray

There are various types of home defense spray available in the market. Hence, do buy one and keep it with you in case of vulnerable situations. The pepper spray and other kinds of home defense spray come as handy when you accidentally get encountered with burglar, then these sprays can help you in a serious way to get out of the hold of an intruder.

Plan an escape Route

Always pre-plan an escape route for your family in case if you get stuck in critical situations. Most importantly, keep your family informed about it so that in case of an emergency they all know what to do and where to go next. This way you can protect your family from falling prey of burglars because they must carry guns and other dangerous weapons and in a situation of the encounter, they may not hesitate to shoot you and your family. Thus, be prepared; have an escape route planned, to run into. Once you find that you are far from the reach of the invader, you can call law organs to come and handle the situation. So always have an escape route in the mind, if you want to ensure your family safety.

Always have more than one escape route

In there is only one route so intruder might be blocking it and making it difficult for you to save yourself. Thus, at least have more than one escape routes preplanned for guaranteeing your safety.

Create Hiding Places

Planning and execution are two different things. You may have planned but that won’t enough unless you know how to execute that plan effectively. Similarly, planning escape route won’t help alone, you must have plan B prepared well-in-advance if plan A does not work. Always create hiding place in order if you or any of your family member can’t make into the safety room. Teach your family member about the hiding places in the home. This is an excellent home protection tactic which can protect you against dangerous home invasions. Teach your family especially children’s to remain calm during the entire course of time and run in case if they get any route of escape and call to the police. Moreover, also teach them how to close or barricade the door to not let intruders enter in forcefully.

Use Handguns

Having defense gun does not mean that you are safe. You must take gun firing lessons if required to shoot in such extreme situation. Keep your gun at locations where you can easily reach in a critical situation. Moreover, place your gun far from the reach of your kids. Don’t be the only one in the family who knows how to fire a gun. Beside you, teach any other member of your family how to fire a gun in the extreme situations.

Regularly Clean Your Gun

Having gun does not mean purchasing it and then lock it in the safe. You should practice with it on the regular basis so that you know how to use it in when stuck in a critical situation. Moreover, clear your gun on the regular interval so that it does not get stuck while confrontation.

Don’t Open for Unknown Individuals

You must have come across the stories in newspapers and channels where families had opened the door for these intruders who looked like cable repair person or a needy person. If a person rings at your door so don’t open your door directly. First of all, sneak through your door and if you don’t recognize the person, then ask him to give his identification but if you smell something fishy, then don’t open the door and ask him to leave even if does not leave after asking him to then don’t waste your time and call your known one and police for the help.

Practice Self Defense

Apart from knowing how to fire a gun teach your family other home defense methods. Because sometimes it may happen that you can’t reach to the gun or other escape plans will fall flat therefore you should be ready for all kinds of extreme situation. You can teach your family how to use a shovel or break glass or footstool to defend themselves.

These self-defense tactics become immensely important when you are stuck in this kind of situations.

Call Police

The moment you realize that an assailant has landed in your home, then don’t waste your time and call to the authorities. Make sure that you keep the phone lines open because police will guide you how to deal with intruder unless help arrives. So listen to them carefully.

Confront the intruder

In case the entire above-mentioned plan does not work and it becomes obligatory to confront the intruder, then do it with all the force you’ve got. Fight to him with all your strengths and make sure that you don’t get hurt in the sensitive areas of your body.

While fighting with him try to look for any possible way to run away or shout so that your neighbors or anybody would come for your help. However, make sure that you avoid confrontation but in case if it becomes do or die situation then fight to him with all force and grit.

Sometimes, it may occur that you can’t find an escape route or can’t fight with intruder so in that case, you must have a safe room in your home where you can hide with your family.

The safe room should be such in which intruder can’t get into. The walls of the room should be made of concrete and a bolted door which can’t get easily broken.

You can also barricade the doors which can’t be opened easily.

Hence, keeping in mind the above-mentioned home defense tactics you can ensure the safety of your loved one. After reading this piece of advice, you should just get up and analyze your home security and if you find it incompetent, then adopt these above-mentioned home defense tactics to fight against intruders.

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