7 Best Survival Gifts for The Holidays

So Christmas time is here again – the time to gather once again with friends & family members to enjoy and spread love & happiness all around the world. It is the time to show your love & affection towards your loved one by exchanging gifts and let them know their importance in your lives. Thus, if you are planning to gift something out of the box and unique to your loved one, then we have compiled 7 best survival gifts for this Christmas that will help you to surprise your friends or family members.

We know that the safety of your family or friends matters to you the most, and you would love to surprise them with a gift which can prove useful in their lives. Keeping this in our mind, here in Mike’sGearReviews we have listed the 7 best survival gifts that will ensure their safety and help them in a big way. Let’s have a look at all these gift ideas for Christmas.

  • Survival Food: Let’s face it, we all have a friend or family member who is adventurous or love to explore wildlife, trekking etc., and if they are one of them, then chances of getting lost in the woods or confront extreme situation are high. Thus, it is ideal to present them survival food this Christmas as it will protect them during a difficult time. It is troublesome to survive in woods or mountain without food, and being hungry and lost is the last thing you’d want to happen to your loved one. So, to ensure their safe stay in the adventurous wildlife or in other similar places, offering them survival food kit will be the best option.

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  • Flashlight: Flashlight is an integral part of a survival kit. So, on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, you can gift this essential part of a survival kit to your friend or family member. Flashlights are not only important during one stay in woods or mountains, but it can prove immensely useful in your apartment, office, lift or shopping malls. It is imperative to have a flashlight in your survival kit.

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  • Water Filter: It is well-known fact that a human can sustain for months without food, but it is impossible for a human being to live without water even for few days. Therefore, a water purifier is a mandatory part of every survival kit. In fact, no survival kit is complete without a water filter. In simple words, without water filter or purifier, you can’t imagine a successful stay outdoors. A water filter will help a prepper to clean his/her water before drinking it to ensure safety as we know that it is hard to find pure water in woods. Having a water filter will help a lot. Thus, gifting a survival water filter to your friend or family member on this Christmas is a great idea.

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  • Tactical Pen: It is also an essential part of the survival kit. It can be a great gift idea for adventurers. A tactical pen proves quite useful in the extreme situation due to their multitasking ability. It can be used as a flashlight, glass breaker, survival knife, tip bottle opener and ballpoint pen. In woods or extreme situation where it is immensely hard to survive, a tactical pen can actually save your life. Thus, gifting a tactical pen on this Christmas will be an excellent move.

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  • Survival Knives: If you are confused between so many survival gifts then gifting a survival knife is the best option as these knives are a perfect tool for the prepper. A survival knife is a vital part of the survival kit. The survival knife is a sharp & dangerous knife that can be used for various purposes. It can be used by a person to protect himself/herself from the attack of dangerous animals. Furthermore, it can also be used to gather food in the wood or for other important purposes as well. Buy this gift for prepper this Christmas and surprise them.

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  • Hydration Packs: Hydration pack is a new addition to the survival kit. It has been added recently but it gained huge popularity in short span of time. To drink water, you don’t need to dig out your bottle every time; hydration pack has a tube or a straw that can be used by hikers to quench their thirst. The hydration pack bottle is not easy to break, easy to carry and made out of high-quality plastic. Hikers can easily carry this bottle on their shoulder without any additional weight. So, hydration pack would be a great gift idea for this Christmas.

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  • Fire Starter: It can turn out to be an excellent gift idea for this Christmas. Fire starters are considered mandatory to be included in an emergency kit. It is incredibly valuable in the wilderness where it is impossible to set the fire. Imagine, you are stuck in woods and have no fire instrument, then you can understand how hard is it going to survive in woods? Having a fire starter can make your stay in the wilderness extremely easy. Hence, it is an excellent idea to gift prepper a fire starter on this Christmas.

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Besides the above-listed survival equipment, there are other important survival equipment’s available which a prepper must have in his/her survival kit. Survival kits would turn out to be an excellent and unique gift idea for this Christmas. Buying this survival kit for your friends and family can ensure their safety. Thus, if you are looking to gift something unique and interesting to your loved one this Christmas to bring smiles on their face, then gifting them a survival equipment from above-mentioned survival gift ideas, will definitely make your money worth count for you.  

Survival kits are hugely important not only for wildlife explorers or adventurers; it holds equal importance in the life of every human being as unexpected catastrophic events, natural disasters are common nowadays. Thus, we all should be always prepared for the extreme situation.

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