6 Essential Items You Need To Prepare During A Zombie Apocalypse

How prepared are you for a zombie apocalypse? Do you have a bug-out kit ready on your bedside for immediate evacuation?

A lot of zombie films and TV shows taught us what to expect during an outbreak. Experts say that a zombie apocalypse is not impossible although there is no definite time when it will happen. Knowing that there is a possibility that this will happen, it is important to know the tips and strategies that will work for your advantage.

BE ALERT AND DON’T PANIC! That is the first step in dealing with an outbreak. Next, prepare all of the essential items for your survival. Be prepared to leave with these anytime. The following are the six essential items that you must prepare in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

A wide array of weapons

During an attack, protecting ourselves is the main priority. Prepare your artillery beforehand. Buy weapons that are easy to use and for different fighting ranges. This means that having crossbow for long range fights and knives (see our review of the Top Ten Survival Knives) for arm’s length combat. Here are some of the weapons against the undead that you must have in your weapons stash:

Long range arsenal

– Machine Guns

– Crossbow

Short range arsenal

– Handguns / Revolvers

– Shotguns

– Grenades

Melee arsenal

– Knife

– Hatchet

– Katana – Side Note: Ideal for in-laws, and ex’s (of the Zombie variety, of course)

– Baseball bat with barbed wire

Bug-in survival kit

If an outbreak strikes, it is best not to evacuate immediately since everyone will think the same. Stay indoors until the commotion subsides. A bug-in survival kit should be composed of:

– Enough food supplies

– Potable water

– Medical supplies

– Back-up power supply

– Fire starter or lighter

When bugging in, check if you have enough food supplies that will last you until it is safe to go out or until rescue arrives. Expect the water and power supply will be cut off, so make sure that you have water to drink and back-up power supply.

When bugging in, injuries may happen that needs to be treated. Prepare a first aid kit that you keep at home for basic injuries and common ailments during an emergency. Lastly, if the power is out, a device that can start a fire will help you heat your home and for food preparation.

DIY zombie bug-out bag

Be prepared to evacuate anytime. In any emergency situation, whether it is a zombie apocalypse, earthquake, typhoon, or fire, it is a good thing to be prepared of the things that you will need when evacuating. It is important to put together a bug-out bag containing the essential items for one’s survival. Here are the contents of your DIY survival kit or bug-out bag.

– Rain poncho

Water bottle

– Hand crank radio

– Long rope

Survival tools

Purification filter

LED flashlight

Sharp knife

Hydration bag

Fire starter

– Nutritious, easy-to-carry food

– Para-cord belt

Escape strategy

When a zombie apocalypse befalls us, panic will spread like wildfire and the first thing that will come into people’s mind is to escape the city. Everyone will probably pack their bags and go. Joining the bandwagon is not the best idea. Stay calm and create an escape strategy with your family.

Buy a map and learn all the back roads to plan out an escape route when an emergency happened.

Emergency food and supplies

During a zombie apocalypse, make sure that you have enough emergency food and supplies. Expect that there will be a scarcity on food sources. It is a must that you stock on emergency food beforehand. Animals are hunted by people and your food stash is your only hope.

Protective gear

Wearing a proper protective gear is a must since you will wear it most of the time during a zombie apocalypse. Since it will be worn most of the time, it should be light and comfortable so it will not affect your mobility. Leave nothing exposed as it will take one bite for you to be infected.

Walkers usually target the arms, shoulders and neck. As for the crawlers, the calves and ankles. It wouldn’t hurt to add extra on these. Below are the items that must be included in your protective gear:

– Body armor

– Insulated vest

– Gloves

– Cargo pants


A zombie apocalypse is possible to happen and when it hit us, being prepared pays off. Knowing what to put in your survival kit is beneficial.

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