10 Crazy Things the Secret Service Does at Christmas

10 Crazy Things the Secret Service Does at Christmas

10 Crazy Things the Secret Service Does at Christmas

10 Crazy Things the Secret Service Does At Christmas

This Christmas a select few secret service members in the Presidential Protection Division (PPD) will be guarding Donald Trump and this family.

Some of the weird things they may be called to do are:

  1. They’ll play golf, or run, or mountain bike, or whatever the president does. The President is never alone. Not in the bathroom, not at the doctors and not when engaging in sports.

    Some skills secret service members have had to learn include:

    • Running – Bill Clinton
    • Horseback riding – Ronald Reagan
    • Mountain biking – George W. Bush
    • Skiing – Gerald Ford
  2. They will attend the white house Christmas party. Every agent (and+1) gets to come to the White House Christmas Party.

         That’s a feat when there are thousands of secrets service agents!

        The trick is that during the month of December there are 1-2 Christmas parties a night to accommodate the huge guest list!


  1. They will be ready – notice the hands. When you see photos of agents, notice that their hands are always at their waists, ready to take action and raise a weapon if needed. Would they go without a weapon or a knife in their pocket? Of course not!
  2. “They will be calling the first family by creative code names. Some code names include:”
  • Donald Trump: Mogul
  • Melania Trump: Muse
  • Ivanka Trump: Marvel


  • Barak Obama: Renegade
  • Michelle Obama: Renaissance
  • Malia Obama: Radiance
  • Sasha Obama: Rosebud
  1. They will be traveling in a James Bonds Style limo. The president’s limo is a heavily armored limo that is flat–tire–proof, bullet proof, and driven by agents with training in defensive driving. Yes – they can do that fancy 180 – degree spin!
  2. They will plan and prepare every event, including bringing dogs through the site, notifying the local hospitals, keeping a spare plane nearby, shutting down, high–ways, and hustling the president through the back door.
  3. They will carry the president’s blood. Each agent is trained in “ten-minute medicine” – the medical skills necessary to keep the president and his family alive for the 10 minutes it takes to get to the closes trauma center. They also carry bags of the presidents blood in a motorcade in case of the need for an emergency transfusion.
  4. They stand around a lot waiting for something to happen. The job can look exciting, but it actually involves being constantly alert for that one moment when you need to take action.
  5. They will not debate politics. The agents are not partisan. They protect the president regardless of politics.
  6. They will “work the rope” One of the most stressful tasks is when the president greets the public in an uncontrolled setting. They have to be constantly watching for risks.